Another lunch

12 Jan

So my son had his second day of school. He cried when I dropped him off and he looked like he’s been really crying. Looks like he’s not really eating his very time-consuming lunch I pack for him. I may give it up. Here’s a picture of his lunch today.


Day 2 of school… sick day!

6 Jan

Can’t believe he’s missing his 2nd day of school. Here’s a picture of his lunch since I already packed it. He’ll be eating it but at home.

My munchkin’s first day of preschool

5 Jan

My son who is 3 started school today! It’s only half day, 3 days a week but this is his first time being on his own. I’ve been losing sleep thinking about how he’ll freak out and cry…. but… surprise! No tears at all! Just a quick kiss and and he was off! Even though he gets picked up at noon, I packed him a lunch so he can experience eating lunch with other children. It’s somewhat of a challenge since he has very asian taste buds. Here’s a picture of his first meal away from home!

Why does Lipton Tea turn black?

22 Oct

So my office stocks reg and decaf Lipton Green Tea. I’ve always wondered  something about the tea. I like my tea very light so I will dunk it in the hot water maybe 3-5 times then toss out the tea bag. Initially, the liquid is  a light brown color but when I let it sit, it turns black! Why does it do this? This doesn’t happen to the other green teas I drink.  Am I the only one who’s curious about this??

Zucchini from my garden…

8 Sep

So my garden is still going strong! Well, in the zucchini dept at least. So, while a friend was over this weekend, she baked us some delicious chocolate zucchini breads! Thanks Jessica!

The word “ACME”

1 Sep

As I was fighting traffic on my way to the office this morning, I saw a truck with the word “Acme” it. I am not sure what business it was but the word stuck out to me. I’d seen businesses named Acme something on Looney Toons but I had never actually seen it used for a real business. So, I made a mental note to look it up once I had a few minutes.

According to Wikipedia…

A.C.M.E. has also been used as a backronym meaning “A Company that Makes Everything”. And…. The company name is ironic since the word acme is derived from Greek (ακμή; English transliteration: acmē) meaning the peak, zenith or prime, and products from the fictional Acme Corporation are both generic and tend to fail.

When i Googled “Acme”, I got back 139,000,000 results. OK. So,  apparently A LOT of business are doing fine with Acme as their name. But, really, all these businesses couldn’t think of anything better than Acme? This got me thinking about what I would name my business if I were to start my own business. Then, I realized this is going to take me months to come up with something that I can barely live with… for a while. So Maybe that’s what happened. Partners couldn’t agree on a name so they just went with “Acme.” Makes total sense now.

Where did the time go?

27 Aug

So, today is 5 years for my husband and I. We built a house, he and I both changed jobs, we had a son and I finished my graduate school during those 5 years. Doesn’t feel like it’s been 1,825 days and I don’t feel a day older than the day when we met. I have a lot to be thankful for. My life is good and I am blessed to be surrounded by lots of love and support… and the help. Happy anniversary, hon.