Archive | January, 2011

Homemade shampoo

24 Jan

I finally got around to making some shampoo last night. It’s still very much a work in progress to figure out the exact formula. I used some of it this morning, mixed with a couple of squirts of aloe vera. All I can say is “squeaky clean.” My hair has never been so clean. I don’t think I realized how much build-up I had. I had so gotten used to the slimy after-wash feeling of using store bought shampoo. I don’t think I’ll ever go back! It’s quick and easy to make and I know exactly what’s in the shampoo! (And ZERO chemicals.) I am hoping my hair will become fuller as a result of my homemade shampoo. Stay tuned! Here’s is a picture of my hair this morning. (A lot more volume than what I usually have.)


Another lunch

12 Jan

So my son had his second day of school. He cried when I dropped him off and he looked like he’s been really crying. Looks like he’s not really eating his very time-consuming lunch I pack for him. I may give it up. Here’s a picture of his lunch today.

Day 2 of school… sick day!

6 Jan

Can’t believe he’s missing his 2nd day of school. Here’s a picture of his lunch since I already packed it. He’ll be eating it but at home.

My munchkin’s first day of preschool

5 Jan

My son who is 3 started school today! It’s only half day, 3 days a week but this is his first time being on his own. I’ve been losing sleep thinking about how he’ll freak out and cry…. but… surprise! No tears at all! Just a quick kiss and and he was off! Even though he gets picked up at noon, I packed him a lunch so he can experience eating lunch with other children. It’s somewhat of a challenge since he has very asian taste buds. Here’s a picture of his first meal away from home!