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Zucchini from my garden…

8 Sep

So my garden is still going strong! Well, in the zucchini dept at least. So, while a friend was over this weekend, she baked us some delicious chocolate zucchini breads! Thanks Jessica!


The word “ACME”

1 Sep

As I was fighting traffic on my way to the office this morning, I saw a truck with the word “Acme” it. I am not sure what business it was but the word stuck out to me. I’d seen businesses named Acme something on Looney Toons but I had never actually seen it used for a real business. So, I made a mental note to look it up once I had a few minutes.

According to Wikipedia…

A.C.M.E. has also been used as a backronym meaning “A Company that Makes Everything”. And…. The company name is ironic since the word acme is derived from Greek (ακμή; English transliteration: acmē) meaning the peak, zenith or prime, and products from the fictional Acme Corporation are both generic and tend to fail.

When i Googled “Acme”, I got back 139,000,000 results. OK. So,  apparently A LOT of business are doing fine with Acme as their name. But, really, all these businesses couldn’t think of anything better than Acme? This got me thinking about what I would name my business if I were to start my own business. Then, I realized this is going to take me months to come up with something that I can barely live with… for a while. So Maybe that’s what happened. Partners couldn’t agree on a name so they just went with “Acme.” Makes total sense now.