Veg garden 2011

24 Aug

Only plum tomatoes and banana peppers this year. But, lots of them!


Paper crane

15 Jun

I made this out of a chocolate bar wrap. I like the diagonal type and break up of the pink and beige.

Friendship bracelet

24 May

I remember making these back in junior high and how much mindless fun it was to make them. And it just so happens that I am teaching some art Sunday school classes in June. This will be the perfect activity for the kids to do and have something to take home. I will be sure to take pictures of what the kids make and post them here. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Toddler lunch

11 Feb

I found a stainless steel bento box to replace my son’s current plastic bento box. This totally reminded me of my lunches when I was growing up in Korea. In those days, classrooms had a stove in the center to keep the room warm. And everyone would stack their rice containers on the stove to keep them warm.

Another toddler lunch

3 Feb

My son went back to school today after being stuck indoor all day yesterday thanks to the snow day. (Except for a 10 minutes trip out to the driveway to help his dad “shovel” the snow.) I am going to resume keeping a record of his lunches because I am totally lame like that! Here’s what was on the menu today: chicken nuggets, tofu with soy/sesame dressing, broccoli, korean sweet potato and fruit.

View from our backyard

3 Feb

Yesterday was a snow day for most people living in the Chicago land area. I don’t remember seeing so much  snow ever in my lifetime. I worked from home and my husband worked on clearing the driveway. That took him SIX hours. I asked if he wants to get a snow plow after this ordeal and he still said “nah.” What??

This is a view of our patio. The pillar you see on the top center is about two feet tall.


Homemade shampoo

24 Jan

I finally got around to making some shampoo last night. It’s still very much a work in progress to figure out the exact formula. I used some of it this morning, mixed with a couple of squirts of aloe vera. All I can say is “squeaky clean.” My hair has never been so clean. I don’t think I realized how much build-up I had. I had so gotten used to the slimy after-wash feeling of using store bought shampoo. I don’t think I’ll ever go back! It’s quick and easy to make and I know exactly what’s in the shampoo! (And ZERO chemicals.) I am hoping my hair will become fuller as a result of my homemade shampoo. Stay tuned! Here’s is a picture of my hair this morning. (A lot more volume than what I usually have.)